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Fie in The Field

Fie in Tatler

Fie Lucan & Timothy Everest – Featured in Farlows’ 175th Anniversary Book




The Countess of Lucan – Winner of the Shooting Industry Awards, 2016,  The Field Magazine Shooting Personality of the Year!





The Countess of Lucan featured in The Shooting Gazette, May, 2016

A-S Lucan, the shooting gazette, 5 minutes with article, may 2016

Fie’s Club featured in Henley Life, May, 2016



The Countess of Lucan, proudly elected to Team GB, securing Bronze in Pigeon Shooting World Championship, 2015

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Fie featured in several articles in The Field


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Fie the field magazine april 2015

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… and Fie featured in Epicurean Life



… and Fie in The Steeple Times


Lady Lucan (AKA “Fie”, née Anne-Sofie Foghsgaard)

Fie Foghsgaard

This Danish cracker shoots competitively worldwide and runs a bespoke shooting agency named Fie’s Club. In June 2014, the Financial Times’ ‘How To Spend It’ described Gordonstoun educated Fie Foghsgaard as having “an unpronounceable [Danish] surname that “through some linguistic quirk her speech is utterly unaccented”. They went on to add that “she seems to lead her life in a perpetual state of euphoria so much so that even the hardened dysphoric such as I am cannot help breaking into a broad smile in her company”. The first ever female to win the City Shooting Championships and fluent in five languages, Foghsgaard also cuts a great body double for Katy Perry at parties.


Swellboy on… a shooting partnership

Our man readies himself for the season with the help of a sharp shooter and a sharp dresser

The article linked above appeared in the Financial Times “How to Spend It” on the 12th July, 2014. Renown author and columnist Nick Foulkes had the following kind words to say:

“As I have noted before in these virtual pages, the possession of a shotgun and the occasional foray into the countryside to point it skyward and pull the trigger is just a pretext to immerse myself in a very particular culture, and one of the unexpectedly agreeable side effects is that I have got to meet some incredibly nice people, among them Fie Foghsgaard.”…

“Fie can shoot, and having seen her pull birds from the sky that I mistook for distant motes of dust, I respect her ability. Better than that, she seems to spend her life in a perpetual state of elation; so much so that even the hardened dysphoric such as I am cannot help breaking into a broad smile in her company. She runs a shooting business selling high-end days to high net worths, and now she has branched out into shooting apparel, too, teaming up with Timothy Everest.”…