Buy-a-Peg Day

Fie’s Club provides access to exclusive boutique private shoots

You can take 1,2, or more Guns on a shoot, up to taking a full day.

So, if you or a few friends are looking for pegs on a shoot, we will make sure the other Guns are like-minded, and that the shoot is exactly what you had in mind.

We offer both birds and driven game, at locations across the UK, including days within close reach of London. We are also able to offer overseas shooting, covering Scandinavia, Europe and America.

Once we have established your budget and exactly what you would like to shoot, and the kind of experience you are after, we ensure everything is smoothly organised, from pre to post-shoot.

We can provide guns and ammunition, as well as organising visitor’s hunting licenses.

Please click here for bookings or other enquiries.

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